Branding & Customization
UpFulfill Can Help You Build Brand Stores Or Brand Products.
We have helped many large dropshipping companies and top dropshippers with brand building. Whether you have a lot or few order numbers, as long as you have stable orders and a branding idea, we can help you achieve it quickly. We also provide you with experiences and suggestion to prevent you from making mistakes and eventually help you achieve your branding dreams!
Branding & Customization
How We Help You With Product Branding
Basically there are 4 ways to brand your products depending your budget.
Gift Card
Gift cards are easy to be made within 2-3 business days if u have designs. And it doesn't matter if you don't have a design file, we can also provide free designs.
Brand on Package
Most customised packages take 10-15 days to produce and cost is higher than gift cards.
Brand on Product
Brand on products means you have to these products in advance, which cost you a lot of money and can’t be returned or refunded once purchased.
Brand on Product and Package
You need to add these two parts of the fee.
Branding & Customization
The Fee to Brand Your Products
Gift Cards
Usually cost $30-$50 to produce 500-1K pcs
Logo Stickers
Usually cost $65-$120 to produce 500-1K pcs, some are a little higher, instead of buying all products with brand, you can just buy the Logo Sticker first, when you get orders, we can help you put the Logo on your product.
Customized Box/bag
Same as Logo stickers, you have to buy the customized boxes/bags before you actually have sales, usually it cost $0.5-2$ Per pc and the production time is 10-15 days, MOQ around 1k-3K pcs.
Customized Shipping Bag
Usually this way need higher MOQ around 5k-10k pcs, but unit price is lower compared with a  Customized Box/bag around 0.15-0.3$ per pc and it takes 10-15 days to produce.
Branding & Customization
Whether Product You Choose Worth Branding
There are many sellers we work with come to us, they want to brand own products, sure, it’s simple for us to help them get a perfect branding sample and package within 1-2 weeks, but often ended up since they can’t sell it finally, so we want to give them some honest advice about branding.
Product Inspiration
Your products must be different from others, such as a improved product feature, it can bring a better service or experience to customers.
Brand Story
A good story can really capture people's attention and keep them with you for a long time.
Good Photography Or Video
Good photography or video is like cosmetics for girls, it's human nature to love beauty.
Enough Audience
The audience must be enough to build a brand, if your audience numbers are just a few hundred or thousands, you have to ignore it.
Traffic Drive
Traffic is also one of the keys to success, if you have a good ability to drive traffic, you’ll reach more potential customers.
Value To Society
Your products can increase customer value such as Chanel's perfume is always intoxicating.